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Well, since I’ve been off for the fall semester, I just waste most of my time on my PC.  So here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been doing:

Warcraft III

This is a lot of fun, especially when people are on for DotA.  If I’m not pubstomping/inhousing with friends of DotA, we’re probably playing some TDs, like Burbenog Legends, or Legion War, or Mafa TD that we just beat today.


This game is tons of fun in Multiplayer, but needs a lot of tweaking on PC.  It’s like a lootwhore’s dream come true, since almost the entire gameplay is centered on killing monsters and looting everything you can find, from mob loot to cool weapon chests.


I decided to go back to watching the Bleach anime, despite the disheartening fillers.  Watching Bleach filler is like opening a bottle of bleach on accident;  you were looking for something else and there’s some nasty smell stuck in your nose (except by nose I mean your mind from your eyes or something like that).  But they skipped the dbz fight scenes and moved to the past where they tell the story of Urahara Kisuke’s history in Soul Society.

Mafia Wars/Farmville

It was a terrible idea for me to take a stab at dumb facebook games, but they’re just as addicting as your average flash game, but with some social interactions involved (like declaring war on all your friends and helping enemies).


I actually just started this game a few hours ago.  It reminds me a little of Diablo II (yeah the 2 hours I spent playing Diablo was kinda fun), running around spamming skills/clicking to attack and looting everything.  It even includes a pet that fights and sells your extra loot etc.


Comment on this post for what you want me to talk about, etc.




I haven’t updated this in forever, but I’ll try my best to add daily updates.

Expect an edit later tonight~

edit: I lied, I’ll update this accordingly tomorrow.  I still can’t decide what I should blog about, but I guess I’ll stick with my gut for the next few days.

Until then,


summer has been boring, so we resort to random warcraft 3 custom maps, and here are some weird screenshots for your entertainment:



more updates to come!

This is an old video of a match I played against some random berserker dude.

I’ll update moar in the future!

So today I remembered XBob and fantasized about politics gurl.

Moar updates latoar


So I got a bunch of random crap from the April Fool’s Woot of the Day! (Credits to KLee!)

I’ll post pics and info when I find my camera-to-USB cable D:


So, for those of you who knew already, this is my story about Thaddeus as a ship captain, and how he has this extraordinary conflict with something, which you will find out by reading it (credits to Pat for helping me with it!!).

If it’s tl;dr or you don’t want to read it, just skip to the poll, it’s very importante!


Thaddeus always gave thought to the whimsical ways of the ocean.  She remains the only strength bringing them to their destination, for his men have been weary and sleepless for many a day.  No one dared to overlook Thaddeus’ command as he stood on the bow, gripping the edge of the rail, quietly watching the soft waves wash up against the hull.  Eventually, they will make it to Dead Chest Island, scavenge for food while he tracks down his forsaken treasure, and dock near a major town or small village in celebration.  Two months have passed since they left home, and the swaying of the sea has worn them thin.

Thaddeus knew that it has been over a week since any of them have tasted even a good meal.  Every now and then, some piece of flotsam would make it over the deep blue waves onto the deck, carrying a trapped fish or two.  Cooked fish were always better than those disease-ridden hardtack biscuits.  Thaddeus silently observes his crew as their eyes bobbed to the flips and flops of the nearly dead fish as the crowded the main deck.  You could hardly tell it was even fish in the night, the glow of the lantern light making it look like something slimy the ocean threw up for the sake of pity on them.

“All hands off deck!”  Thaddeus barked.  “Grog will make sure there will be plenty to go ’round the table tonight.  Keep her steady on the waters, for Lady Luck may bestow bounty upon us this very moment if we weren’t governed by our own empty gut!”

Gabriel trudged over the soaked deck, perching himself behind the Captain.  He stared intently at Thaddeus’ waist as he stood more than an arm’s distance away from him.

“Dead men tell no tales, sir, and we’ve been having only the last of our rum and whatever scraps we pick up by chance,” Gabriel spoke, “It’s time we made away with these here booty we already get ourselves some real food and some fine lasses back home.”

Thaddeus watched as Gabriel’s eerie shadow crept over the deck as the lantern hanging on the mast began to sway wildly.  He grasped hold of his belt, made sure he felt the weight of his prized dagger, and began to move toward his cabin.

“Where there is a sea there are pirates, and we’re to make sure not to lose what is rightfully ours,” Thaddeus mentioned.

“You ain’t no fool, sir, an’ I respect you for that, but this here ain’t no pieces o’ eight,” Gabriel almost shouted.  “If we ain’ hurry up an’ get some food an’ proper bearings, we be done well by the Reaper himself.  We all heard ’bout them stories of stray ships being done in by ’em.”

Thaddeus shut the door in his cabin, making sure to secure the bolt in its place.  He never liked having any arguments with his navigator.  He recalled meeting him on the docks before his crew made for Myst Island, and immediately took to Gabriel’s uncanny demeanor.  Both men were enticed with the legends of hidden treasure, but he could never match the passion within Thaddeus’ heart.

The old ship bobbed on the ocean as the rough waves crashed into her patched hull.  He will need to replace and polish the hull if she were ever to see another trip back to the mainland.  His vision blurred as he basked in the lantern light, which reflected off the surfaces of the small treasures littering his cabin.  Half of them carried their own story, but all of them paled in comparison to the one twisted his heart the most.  He brought out the gold-plated box he kept hidden under a loose floorboard, pressing his thumbs into the grooves that outline his family crest on the surface.

The empty spot where a glistening pearl once rested within the box pulled on his mind, bringing to surface the pain and agony he felt when it disappeared from underneath his nose.  The pearl was the only real inheritance left for him, for his mother had deserted them while he was still young, and his father passed the last few years of his life as a drunkard.  By himself, he pieced together a crew, with Gabriel as his first mate and acting navigator, the most useful of outcasts and jobless laborers he could find.  This ship belonged to him and his crew now, and they all pledged to take back tenfold what they lost to the hands of greed and politics.  Nothing could stop them from watching with awe, as the Captain would stand strong through the toughest of storms.  He would show them, all of them, why Thaddeus is a force to be reckoned with.

At that moment, shouts and grunts began to ring through the thick air.  Thaddeus began to close the box as he opened up the floorboard to hide it once again.  The crash of metal and splintering wood littered his ears as Thaddeus fell to the floor.  The boat seemed to be giving way to the rocking waves far too easily for him to keep his balance.  He decided to pocket the box and make for the bridge, for Gabriel must have left his post once again.  The ship began to sway to the other end on his way up to the bridge, as a veil of darkness began to surround the ship.

“All hands below!”  Thaddeus bellowed.  “Gabriel, secure the bridge!  Keep course.”

Surprised at Gabriel’s refusal to obey, Thaddeus followed his gaze to the sea.  The maelstrom had caught their ship in its spiraling waters, and slowly they began their descent toward its pitch-black center.

~Sigma7707 😀

I will be posting April Fool’s links as soon as I find them.  Report any broken/malfunctioning ones, as well as new ones to add here.


Youtube: Your New Viewing Experience
Just add &flip=1 to the end of any url


gBall: Google have announced that they are developing a prototype ball for use in the Australian Football League with GPS. Apparently, the ball will measure the location, force, and torque of a kick. Google claimed that the ball will cost $10 with a cost-per-kick set of payments in addition to the basic fee.


ChristCenteredGamer: Website is changed to Agnostic Gamer


The Pirate Bay: Warner Bros. Studios acquires TPB

TokyoTosho becomes…

Běijīng Túshūguǎn


BBC: A video that tricks you into thinking you have ESP
Video explaining it + candid reactions:
Actual video: (this is actually really cool)
Easy link to remember:


Expedia: Flights to Mars from only $99


Yahoo! Buzz: Pistachio Recall Alarms the Web


BT-Chat: Offering a new service to ship torrents to your house on CDs and claims it is approved by the MPAA


Kotaku AU: New Classification System Agreed; M Games Now Banned Too


Opera: Introducing Opera Face Gestures (Use face gestures + webcam to control the browser)


IGN AU: Grand Theft Auto: Harbour City Leaked, Next GTA set in Australia, featuring co-op and new destruction tech.


Fark: Announcing The New Fark Experience.

Trick your friends into thinking they are going to get a visit from the FBI for attempting to view CP.


Rock Band On The Road: Australia


VLC: Changed logo to a bulldozer


Woopra: Woopra to Launch World’s First Webcam Spy Feature for Web Sites


CollegeHumor: Apparently times are tough and Axe bought out CH


YTMND: Becomes /dogchan/


Mabel’s Labels: Label your stuff with invisible sticky labels


Surfer Mag: First 100 Foot wave successfully surfed


BugMeNot: The site that gives you logins for porn sites and shit now requires you to log in (not really)


Gizmodo: Asks all viewers to click all the ads and to leave your credit card number in the comments


PS3Trophies: Obama: Road to the White House Trophies Revealed!


Google Maps: When using Street View, your icon in the bottom left corner is a panda. When using Street View in Japan, it’s the popular Japanese character “Gachapin”,139.746373&sspn=0.008211,0.021029&ie=UTF8&t=h&layer=c&cbll=35.65897,139.745753&panoid=hrfbwu3lwi9OEpHxsdlQ2w&cbp=12,197.7745841282631,,0,-43.3061224489796&ll=35.65897,139.745753&spn=0,359.998686&z=20

=== Various new amazing products

=== President Obama: Social Security stimulus checks will be for $25,000, not $250


Google Chrome: 3D Browsing


Think Geek: fake products

~PVP Dance Fight System.
~D3 Archivist
~Pimp yo mount




Microsoft announces “Alpine Legend”.


Gmail’s Autopilot:


XKCD gooogle sex calculation:*18000%2F(mi^2)*80%2Fyear*30+minutes)


Woot: Sold a random bag of crap for $3 + $1,000,000 shipping


Firefox: Changed Add-ons to “Change-arounds”


MyWebDownload: Download the entire internet


Kotaku reviews Blizzard’s April Fool’s:


WoWInsider Forums => RP’d


Starcraft 2 Terra-Tron (CONTRIBUTED BY PHIL, YO!)


Nine-Inch-Nails New Album (CONTRIBUTED BY PAT!)



~Sigma7707 <33333333333333

This was a big joke.  I hope you didn’t take it srsly D:

I decided that it would be a good idea to have some decent dining hall food tonight, so I grabbed Mr. Anthony “Chantoine” Chan and headed over to West to meet up with awesome buddies:

Alex, G, Pat, Wendy, & Watsky twins.

After dinner, I went over to Anthony’s place to pick up my bag, and left at 9pm to go back to my room and finally start working on my paper.  Despite Anthony’s demands, I stopped by City Convenience to grab some Lindt chocolate and a Starbucks Double-Shot coffee energy drink, since I figured that I would need it to stay awake.

A mere two minutes after I drop my stuff onto my bed and take off my watch, our fire alarm goes off.  Before shitting in my pants, I ran out to the hallway to see if there was indeed an emergency.  After realizing that nothing immediate was going on, I decided to grab my G1 and iPod and my sweatshirt before heading downstairs to figure out what is going on.  It turns out that there was a legit fire alarm, and we had to be shuffled outside, where I had to wait for ~25 mins (+/- 5), after which an RA informed us that we should seek refuge in a friend’s room, since the Haz-Mat team just arrived and they would be taking more than an hour or so.

This was fucking depressing, since I needed to start my paper, I was out in the cold without my jacket, and I had left my energy drink upstairs.  I was actually glad I made it downstairs in one piece in that narrow-beyond-comprehension main staircase.  I ended up being invited to crash at Alex’s place until the mess was sorted out, which was resolved by 1am, when Pat and I returned to Myles to learn that it was just a stupid oil spill and there was no real emergency.

Basically, I have to write my paper now, since I won’t have an extravagant excuse not to.