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I decided that it would be a good idea to have some decent dining hall food tonight, so I grabbed Mr. Anthony “Chantoine” Chan and headed over to West to meet up with awesome buddies:

Alex, G, Pat, Wendy, & Watsky twins.

After dinner, I went over to Anthony’s place to pick up my bag, and left at 9pm to go back to my room and finally start working on my paper.  Despite Anthony’s demands, I stopped by City Convenience to grab some Lindt chocolate and a Starbucks Double-Shot coffee energy drink, since I figured that I would need it to stay awake.

A mere two minutes after I drop my stuff onto my bed and take off my watch, our fire alarm goes off.  Before shitting in my pants, I ran out to the hallway to see if there was indeed an emergency.  After realizing that nothing immediate was going on, I decided to grab my G1 and iPod and my sweatshirt before heading downstairs to figure out what is going on.  It turns out that there was a legit fire alarm, and we had to be shuffled outside, where I had to wait for ~25 mins (+/- 5), after which an RA informed us that we should seek refuge in a friend’s room, since the Haz-Mat team just arrived and they would be taking more than an hour or so.

This was fucking depressing, since I needed to start my paper, I was out in the cold without my jacket, and I had left my energy drink upstairs.  I was actually glad I made it downstairs in one piece in that narrow-beyond-comprehension main staircase.  I ended up being invited to crash at Alex’s place until the mess was sorted out, which was resolved by 1am, when Pat and I returned to Myles to learn that it was just a stupid oil spill and there was no real emergency.

Basically, I have to write my paper now, since I won’t have an extravagant excuse not to.





    • twentyearsinthemakin
    • Posted March 31, 2009 at 1:36 am
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    Wow, talk about some bad luck, huh? I think I get why they booted you guys out though, if fire caught on then there could be a real fire, plus inhalation of that think is not good right?
    Still stinks though. I remember the countless times being booted from Warren during a meal, because SOMEONE did NOT know how to make popcorn… >_>;;
    Well, the plus side is err, you get to rant about it in your blog, the minus would be that paper ain’t going to write it self, so get started dude!
    Btw, I started reading that book you mentioned and well, its interesting but too sad D:
    Someone that I know has a mom who’s going through that…I look forward to finishing the book thou XD
    Bonne chance on your paper! 🙂

  1. wait so when did you find time to shit your pants

    • I was recovering from loss of energy when I wrote this, so I was trying to use it as a figure of speech.

      tl,dr: After I got back to my dorm.

  2. I over thought that part too ryan

  3. There is only one Chan “The Man”…

  4. At least yours was somewhat legit… at AU we have fire alarms waaay to often at all hours of the night and everyone knows it’s the stupid frats that do it.

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