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Well, since I’ve been off for the fall semester, I just waste most of my time on my PC.  So here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been doing:

Warcraft III

This is a lot of fun, especially when people are on for DotA.  If I’m not pubstomping/inhousing with friends of DotA, we’re probably playing some TDs, like Burbenog Legends, or Legion War, or Mafa TD that we just beat today.


This game is tons of fun in Multiplayer, but needs a lot of tweaking on PC.  It’s like a lootwhore’s dream come true, since almost the entire gameplay is centered on killing monsters and looting everything you can find, from mob loot to cool weapon chests.


I decided to go back to watching the Bleach anime, despite the disheartening fillers.  Watching Bleach filler is like opening a bottle of bleach on accident;  you were looking for something else and there’s some nasty smell stuck in your nose (except by nose I mean your mind from your eyes or something like that).  But they skipped the dbz fight scenes and moved to the past where they tell the story of Urahara Kisuke’s history in Soul Society.

Mafia Wars/Farmville

It was a terrible idea for me to take a stab at dumb facebook games, but they’re just as addicting as your average flash game, but with some social interactions involved (like declaring war on all your friends and helping enemies).


I actually just started this game a few hours ago.  It reminds me a little of Diablo II (yeah the 2 hours I spent playing Diablo was kinda fun), running around spamming skills/clicking to attack and looting everything.  It even includes a pet that fights and sells your extra loot etc.


Comment on this post for what you want me to talk about, etc.




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